In-app Tutorial for Tapply App

App Design


Mobile app design


12 Weeks

What I did

Organized design library with a new system, designed an in-app tutorial


Diego V| UI/UX Designer
Brandon L|Software Engineer
Julian G| Product Manager


Tapply is an app that transforms users' social network into a distributed expert network, connecting them to the right person and make finding professional help easier.

Why are we designing an in-app tutorial?

Tapply is a brand new app and our goal is to introduce our features and make first-time users more familiar with our functionality.
Ideally, we would want to increase customer retention and user engagement.

Understanding in-app tutorials

Before jumping into design, I did some research of some common tutorials from other products.


Based on the research and Tapply’s core tasks on the app, we decided to cover the essentials early on, then surface relevant content throughout the user's journey based on contextual clues.

Then I mapped out my ideas to better visualize the flow of the tutorial.


I came up with multiple designs for the concept. We narrow down to 2 of the ideas and decided to work towards them.

In order to know which tutorial works better...

I proposed that we do a A/B testing of these 2 designs and see which one has the better response and can drive user adoption.
As a startup company with limited resources, we are unable to conduct A/B testing.The product manager and I have chosen to explore idea 2, as it offers greater flexibility while preserving the integrity of the users' initial experience.

Final Design

But the UX journey never ends here...

Right now the team is focusing on launching the app so there are still a lot of improvements and ideas that needed to be addressed.

Questions such as ways of showing core features at an empty page or personalizing contents for different users.

We were also looking for ways to validate our decision and see if the in-app tutorials really drives user adoption.

Snapshots of other works I did

Empty States Design

Website Design

Style guide and design library

Branding Logo Exploration

Logotype Exploration

Trying out colors 🎨

Marketing Materials

I've worked on social media contents, product demo videos, Mailchimp emails and lots of graphics ⚡️

My Impact

Sole designer on website design



  • Design tools and management tools
  • Project kick-off


  • Revamping websites
  • Iterating designs


  • Reviewed design hand-offs and design documentation
  • Started researching on B2B dashboard

WEEK 8-12

  • User studies
  • Dashboard design


  • Designed dashboard functions that increases efficiency of managing inventory for small businesses
  • Hosted weekly design critique to make sure that designers are in locked steps and seek feedback internally before design critique
  • Collaborated with PMs, developers in the design process and implementation
  • Managed the design hand-off documentation, established design library for B2B dashboard
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✍️My Impact

I am in charge of the website design and creating a system for design library on our mobile app. I also designed and launched the in-app tutorial function to boost user engagement and help first-time users better understand our app.
Other than that, I also revamped our "create request" flow, toast bar and snack bar, contact me to discuss more projects and insights!


I engage in daily communication with our product manager, recognizing that the development process entails several constraints.
It is important to emphasize meticulous attention to detail as a crucial factor in the successful launch of our products.

Contact me for more details and processes, thanks😀

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