I'm Eve, an experienced designer who loves to create innovative solutions for the world. I also love to figure out better ways for collaboration between team members. After all, product design is a team effort!😋

Currently sharpening my visual eye and trying to be excellent at communicating designs to everyone!
(I know it's cliche but I do believe that communication is key🔑)

A little more about me...

🦄Was once an aspiring law student and a content creator

I was a law school student who believe the only way to create impact is to work in the legal field (which is so not true). Later on I discovered my interest in content design, I worked for a tech company called PicCollage, designing has been extremely rewarding and exciting!

😻 Cat meme lover

I love cat memes, crying cats are soooooo precious!

📕Book I'm reading right now

One of the key takeaways from the book is the importance of understanding the needs and perspectives of your stakeholders.
Since iterating design is a team process, designers not only needs to advocate for users but also design for business goals.

It helped me a lot with communicating ideas and decisions in a more convincing and impactful way!!

"When you are working on a design, you need to make yourself consciously aware of every decision you are making and why."

🦄What I do in my free time

I bake!!
I love cheesecakes and love experimenting with different ingredients🍰
Also, sometimes I fail and it's okay lol