Designs @ PicCollage




Apr 2020- July 2021

What I Did

Design Operations, Visual Design, Motion Graphics

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Figma


My Role

As a DesignOps intern at PicCollage, I got the chance to participate in a tons of different projects, some of them are cross-functional and most of them are visual design projects. Including marketing material design, app store screenshot design, content creation and curation.


  • Created contents that increases revenue by 0.1%
  • Convert at least 50 users a week into our VIP users (subscribed users)
  • Designed marketing materials and motion graphics
  • Participated in a Machine Learning project to enhance the search function on PicCollage
  • Built a design system for visual design team
  • Hosted data analysis sessions for content team
  • Worked with engineers to automate daily tasks


The internship was definitely the most memorable career enrichment experience for me before entering into the industry as a student. I learned a lot of valuable and practical skills from everyone on the team.

Work closely with the team and involve them in the design process:
At first, I thought getting the project done is top priority, while I neglected the importance of frequently communicating with stakeholders and peers to make sure my work is aligning with the goals we have.

Learning to navigate through feedback:
Although understanding everyone's perspectives is essential to move forward but opinions can be conflicting sometimes, I learned to make more informed decision about my design with stronger rationales.

Receiving & giving feedback:
Constantly sharing design and asking questions is crucial for collaboration and can make sure my work is reflecting the project goals. Through weekly design critique, I also learned how to give constructive feedback.

Storytelling & public speaking:
I learned to speak about my work as a process rather than a series of activities to show my design thinking . I was sometimes insecure and lack confident of my work; however, I learned the importance of crafting an intriguing story, and include research and reasoning of a certain decision when presenting.

I cannot show everything I've done but here's a rough summary:

Patterns & Stickers

Experiment with different textures, patterns and ways of creating content had really been the highlight of my journey!

App Store Screenshot Design

I was also in charge of App Store screenshot designs. We have to change our screenshot designs approximately 5 times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Halloween, Christmas). The design goal is to showcase new releases and new content.

Marketing Materials

A part of my weekly routine is to create marketing materials to showcase our new contents.

Sometimes I also get the chance to design ads for our new products. Usually I would create different variations for a design and the stakeholders could see which one works the best.

Tutorial Templates

For a better onboarding process, I created a set of templates that teaches users about features on the app. Users can interact with these templates and get a better understanding about how to navigate through PicCollage.

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