Detox, vent, reconnect.

JOMO (the joy of missing out). An app for those who wants to take a break from life.




SEP 2022- DEC 2022

What I Did

User Research, UI Design, Interaction Design

Tools Used

Figma, Protopie, Procreate

Initial Thoughts...
Rescue human beings from a vicious cycle of social media usage

Multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts.

Final Prototype

Onboarding Screens

A walkthrough of features when users first enter the app.

Posting Flow

I added more personalized functions for users to engage.

The daily doodle challenge

Share your negative thoughts

Say no to toxic positivity and face your everyday negativity!


Keeping track of daily activities.



18 to 29-year-olds are using social media


Mental health has grown by

User Interview

4 heavy social media users

After doing some research on the relationship between mental health and the usage on social media, I developed several assumptions myself. In order to validate these assumptions and identify the real problem, I conducted 4 interviews and here are my insights:

Learnings & Findings

Assumption 1

Social media is the main reason people felt stressed, insecure, anxious and depressed.


Sometimes they are just experiencing a mentally unstable time at their life, social media isn’t the one to blame even though it could aggravate the situation. The feeling that social media is mentally harmful usually arouse internally.

Assumption 2

People who uses social media sometimes goes on a "doom-scroling" spree and feel more negative emotions after.


Users would post something new and subconsciously waiting for responses from friends. Furthermore made them extremely anxious and cannot focus on the things that they are doing right now.

Assumption 3

People go on social media detox but some is fearful of losing touch with friends.


Some users delete the whole account while some delete the app only. But they still crave human connection while staying away from social media. They would direct message their friends using iMessage, Whatsapp and so on, while some of them felt the process of reaching out to a friend directly very forced and not very seamless.

Okay, so it seems that social media shouldn't take all the blame...

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Validated Problem

People are looking for ways to reconnect with friends when they are currently in a more stressed and hectic phase of their life. Social media provides human connection but cannot satisfy their needs anymore. They want a simple and delightful space where they can keep in touch with loved ones and not feel triggered by the content.

Target Audience

Heavy social media users who seek a temporary detox from social media.


Chloe Zhaung

"I want to see real photos and real lives of my friend, not some face-tuned, over-glorified posts."


Chloe is entering a career-changing phase of her life. She is a heavy social media user but sometimes she feels like doom-scrolling is wasting too much time and eventually made her depressed and felt self-absorbed. Chloe identify herself as an introvert and sometimes does not know how to reach out to friends.


  • Felt triggered and insecure when looking at people’s posts and videos
  • Waits on responses when she post something on Instagram
  • Tried journal apps but find it a bit mundane to use
  • Worked as an elementary school English teacher before
  • Deleted her instagram account but still uses Facebook to keep in touch with friends


  • Wants to feel supported
  • Hopes that there is a ritual for her everyday to switch focus and freshen her mind
  • Needs a nudge to interact with people
  • Wants to take her mind of things that triggers her anxiety

Defining the problem

Coming up with HMWs


I began grouping HMWs and brainstorm ideas that could fulfill user needs.

HMW turn FOMO into something that is not fear?

HMW make negative emotions fun and jolly?

Visualizing Concepts

Product Goal

A stress-free environment that is fun and allows users to interact with friends.

Negativity could also be fun and hilarious!

Other ideas eliminated through user research and user testing

  • Support Group: In-person support groups still works better. Online support groups are often times too messy and contains a lot of spams. Some users think online support groups are cringy because there are too many members in one group.
  • A feature to encourage cardio exercise: Overall the app would be a bit complicated if this feature is added. Some users said when they go out and take a walk or do exercise, they want to be off the phone completely. (Eliminated through testing round 1)

Testing & Iteration

In this stage, I did two rounds of testings before I move forward with Interaction designs and prototyping.

Testing Round 1

A usability test was conducted with 3 participants over Zoom and 1 participant in person to test out the first iteration of JOMO
to identify any crucial issues.
Participants were asked to complete the task of “posting a check-in” with a Gif and participating in an activity.

Detailed Findings

  • “I don’t know where to add the check-in.”
  • There should be an indicator of the current page for the navigation bar.
  • The tool bar seemed a bit necessary since the only option for editing is the Gif button.

Changes I made

Testing Round 2

Other than validating design iterations from round 1, I focused more on design details and interactions.

Detailed Findings

  • Some users mentioned interactivity and they look for apps that is light-hearted and make them "feel good".
  • Some of the buttons/CTA are not precise enough to all users.

Changes I made

Final Product


Listening first, then designing.

I had several assumptions at the beginning. But through deeper research, I found out more accurate user needs and validated problems.

New Tools and never stop learning!

For this project I went on to explore more ways of prototyping and interactions. I also tried to design through Protopie (which is a really powerful tool but very limited on the free plan). I had fun playing around with interactions and hope to get better at it. After all, a great interaction design can make a big difference on user experience.

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